Virtual Public Space

\vərch-wəl-,pə-blik-, spās\
Etymology : Middle English, efficacious, potential, from Medieval Latin virtualis, from Latin virtus strength, virtue + Middle English publique, from Anglo-French, from Latin publicus; akin to Latin populus people + Middle English, from Anglo-French espace, space, from Latin spatium area, room, interval of space or time.
Function : Noun

1: Interactive social space based on the exchange of information in the web without any specific geographical boundary, just the restriction of being connected to it.

In formal public space can be neglected, controlled or restricted, located in a specific geography, in counterpart, virtual public space is a result of the evolution of technology and this gives way to the involvement of anyone with a connection, from anywhere in the world, communicating and interacting without any specific geographic place in common, only the web. A conglomerate of knowledge, which tends to move information in a faster way.


(rodrigo-langarica-avila, 26.11.07)
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