Urban Social Movement
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\ ʉr′bən\ \ sō′s̸həl \ mo̵̅o̅v′mənt \
Etymology : from L. urbanus "of or pertaining to a city or city life," as a noun, "city dweller," from urbs (gen. urbis) "city," / from L. socialis "united, living with others," from socius "companion," probably originally "follower," and related to sequi "to follow" (cf. O.E. secg, O.N. seggr "companion,")/from move (q.v.). In the musical sense of "major division of a piece"/
Function : noun

1. Definition by Manuel Castells , are social movements throught witch cities attempt achive some control over their urban enviroment, the social fabric of the city and the local political process.[1]

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1. Sasskia Sassen "Global Network ,Linked Cities" , open source

(monika szawioła, 6/12/2007)
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