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Etymology : Tradition+Technology

1 A rising concept in across the nations where tradition merges with the latest technological advancement, especially in the emerging nations, signifying the economic advancement along with humble connection with the traditional roots as a tribute to the origin.

Eg.-‘The modern touch’-Software, engineering, and management-consulting giant Wipro commissioned Indian architect Vidur Bhardwaj to design an office in Gurgaon based on the traditional structure, the haveli (a house built around an open-air courtyard).
Meanwhile, Tata Consultancy Services, a division of mega-conglomerate Tata Group, will soon see a sprawling; $200 million campus in Chennai designed by noted Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott in association with Carlos Ponce de Leon Architects (a nod to Tata's expansion into Latin America). Buildings will feature a step-like structure recalling those found in centuries-old South Indian temples—only these are rendered in ultra-contemporary glass.


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1. Siruseri Techno Park,Chennai, India to be completed by 2007

(vikrant sharma, 26/11/07)
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