sub-atomic scale
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Pronunciation: \ˈsəb ə-ˈtä-mik skāl
Etymology : sub + watom + scale
Function : noun

1- scale of investigation of the granularity of objects in the information era. [1] Research concerning sub-atomic scale leads to inventions of nanomaterials and phenomenas that are crucial for development of conteporary architecture in another scales, based on complex swarm systems [2], networks and relationships between elements.[1]


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1. Prof. Ludger Hovestadt : "No longer are objects or processes the constituting elements of a building. Now they are described as technical networks of communicating nodes, which balance themselves in contrived patterns."
: 2 :Interactive achitecture - Kas Oosterhuis
2. a sculpture/installation “Atomic: full of love, full of wonder” by Nike Savvas, 2005

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