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Pronunciation: \ˈslim -gyə-lərFunction: Adjective

1. Of or relating to an artificial system showing Flexibility and Robustness similar to the behavior of ‘Slime Mould’.

The word refers to the Self-Organized polycentric systems existing within Contemporary Urban Systems. These systems show behavioral patterns of ‘Slime Mould’ which can behave as a single body or as multiple organisms depending upon the changing environments. The Slimgular Systems show high degree of Flexibility and Robustness.

The below Image is of Slimgular System of Mumbai’s Dabbawalas who collect lunch Tiffin from home and deliver at work place in record time. Approximately 400,000 transactions are done per day with a work force of 5000 employees. The error rate is 1 in 16 millions. The above image shows flexibility and robustness of the system with use of various spaces and transport systems.[1]


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