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\ˈskit-(ˌ)sō ˈsi-tē
Etymology : Schizophrenic+City
Function : noun

1. The multiple images or ideas a single city can have or be, but with a sharp or violent differentiation between the sides.


Washington D.C.- During the day parts of the city are areas of tourism and politics, while at night, the same parts of the city become centers of illegal activities and gangs.

Rochester, NY- For 7 to 9 months of the year it is a lively city with many outdoor festivals and a strong outdoor culture, while in the harsh winter months the majority of the population stays indoors a high percentage of the time, only venturing outside to go to an automobile.

flickr:2085454633[1] A typical image of Nazareth College campus in winter monthsflickr:2086237700[2] A typical scene on Nazareth College campus in fall and spring months

(Rochester, NY)

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(Alexander Harris 24/11/07)
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