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Etymology:re- "again"or trans "across, beyond" +petere "go toward, seek, demand, attack"
Function: noun

1. repetition or transpetition: after the last lecture I think that repetition is a term that could be redefined in architecture. the tendency to link the processes of nature with the processes of architecture at least leads us there. Repetition in nature takes place with some disturption that every next component develops to go towards its evolution. Thus changes are established through this sequence of repetition. It does not imply necessarily the sum of equal parts but the sum of parts in which each one has a slice diference from its neighbor. In this sense we could link repetition with as the betweenity particular stage that a component keeps parts of its "documents" but at the same time proceeds to its dramatisation through a small change.the pictures are quite related as well.

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maria eftychi
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