Pervasive Computing
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Pronunciation: \pər-ˈvā-siv -ziv kəm-ˈpyüt ən\
Function: adjective
Etymology: - Pervasive Computing also known as Ambient Embedded, Environmental or Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp) as defined by Marc Weiser in 1998 with the Computer Science Lab at Xerox PARC

1 Pervasive computing is the trend towards increasingly ubiquitous, connected computing devices in the environment, a trend being brought about by a convergence of advanced electronic - and particularly, wireless - technologies and the Internet. Pervasive computing devices are not personal computers, but very tiny - even invisible - devices, either mobile or embedded-systems in almost any type of object imaginable, including cars, tools, appliances, clothing and various consumer goods - all communicating through increasingly interconnected networks.[1]

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Concept of Pervasive Computing discussed in "Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing and Environmental Knowing" by Malcolm McCullough (MIT, 2004).

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