Participatory Urbanism
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pär-tĭs'ə-pə-tôr'ē ûr'bə-nĭz'əm

etymology :
function : noun

1. part : There cannot be part, without the whole, yet part is something less than the whole.
2. Participatory : Providing the opportunity for individual participation. To participate, is to take a part or share in something,
3. In terms of Architecture , participatory design implies the participation of users on the design process.
The procces is sometimes called, the collective design procces. In a way ,the built environment is always
designed both by expert designer and by ourselves.

In the English-speaking world, the term has a particular currency in the world of software development, especially
in circles connected to Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

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(Ismini Koronidi)
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