Para Materials
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\ˈpär-ə mə-ˈtir-ē-əls\
Etymology : para + materials
Function : noun

1: Materials, which physical structure is fine enough to make them be perceived as invisible, and simultaneously they could have many important properties (like protection and isolations), moreover with the possibility to go through it in any place. Nanotechnologies enable working on the smallest possible structures, what created a wide spectrum of new possibilities.
Understanding material as a structure consisting of milliards cooperating atoms and opportunities of designing them can let us omit thresholds of human perception in the sphere of feeling materiality.

2: Materials conceived to respond parametric designs.

1. ‘Quantum city’ Ayssar Arida
2. ‘Interactive Architecture’ Kas Oosterhuis (for example Kas Oosterhuis mentioned in this book that, recently there has been discovered in laboratory conditions a material called hypersolid, which is invisible and has got the ability to penetrate one another)
3. Graphic done by Krzysztof Gornicki

(Krzysztof Gornicki)

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(Ramon Velazquez 27.11.07)

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