Machinic Phylum
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1: There are two different meanings of the term, in its more general sense, it refers to any process in which order emerges out of chaos as a result of its nonlinear dynamics, and by the other hand is “the flow of matter-movement, the flow of matter in continuous variation, conveying in singularities.” The machine phylum is not a life-force, since is older than life, and constitutes a form of non-organic life. Nevertheless, the self-organization of chemical clocks, multi-cellular organisms or nest-building insect colonies is deeply related to the Machinic phylum.[1]

2: The speed of the predator relative to the one of its pray is the only that counts, nothing about the absolute velocities of each of them is necessary to understand the animal machinery of the predator-pray system; the coupled rates where the increase in the speed of a predator provokes a response in the prey’s locomotive machinery, represents an important aspect in the development of the biological Machinic phylum. From the moment that the “mouse” appeared as an interface between the user and the computer, it may be said that the “machinic phylum” cross between humans and computers for the very first time. This cross is: interactivity, transforming the screen in the “information space” where humans can see correspondence between the movements of the “mouse” and the pointer displayed in the screen. The Reynolds numbers —dimensionless numbers used to identify singularities in self-organizing processes— have a very intimate connection with the machinic phylum, because this numbers are thresholds of “relative speeds” which reveal relations between regions, across scales and flowing media. A Reynolds number is a ratio of inertial to viscous forces. For ex. “A sperm would go nowhere if it tried to swim like a whale because, given its low Reynolds number, it cannot employ the inertia of the water to propel itself… For similar reasons a gnat cannot glide like an eagle.”

3: "The idea of a "machinic phylum" would then be that, beyond biological lineages, we are also related to non-living creatures (winds and flames, lava and rocks) through common "body-plans" involving similar self-organizing and combinatorial processes. As if one and the same material "phylum" could be "folded and stretched" to yield all the different structures that inhabit our universe[2]".

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3. AIR, “The virgin suicides ”, track 06 The:World hurricane, Astralwerks, 29 Feb 2000: "The world hurricane is the name given to natures strongest storm. A hurricane occurs when high pressure and low pressure masses of air come in contact with one another. There is often a significant difference in temperature between the two masses. One mass is warm, while the other is cold. The warmer air rises, and the cooler air falls. Likewise, the low pressure area slides down the sides of the high pressure area. They swirl in and around one another, creating the beginnings of the storm."
4. Image taken by LFOdiaga, 2007.

(luis fernando odiaga, 26/11/07)
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