Liminal Architecture
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\ˈli-mə-nəl\ \ˈär-kə-ˌtek-chər\

Etymology: Latin limin-, limen threshold + The word "architecture" comes from the Latin, "architectura" and ultimately from Greek,"arkitekton", αρχιτεκτων, an architect, or more precisely "master builder", from the combination of αρχι a "chief" or "leader" and τεκτων, a "builder" or "carpenter."
Function: Noun

A space, a being, a thing in between, transitional, it is the absence of meaning, but without being ethereal, it becomes not one thing nor the other. It is a transition between spaces. But still it requires a great effort of designing, because it is not wasted space. The architecture of the liminal should emphazise the relationship between areas.


(rodrigo langarica avila, 22/11/07)
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