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Pronunciation: \in-ˈte-ll-ˈak-shən \
Function: noun
Etymology: intell abbreviation from intelligence the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations and action Middle English accioun, from Anglo-French accion, from Latin action-, actio, from agere to do

The intelligent action.

Creating intelligent cities[1] is an intellection?

1. The term intelligent city (IC) has been used with various meanings. At least five different descriptions of what an intelligent city is can be found in the literature:
1. ICs have been frequently defined as virtual reconstructions of cities, as virtual cities (Droege, 1997).[1]. The term has been used interchangeably as an equivalent of ‘digital city’, ‘information city’, ‘wired city’, ‘telecity’, ‘knowledge-based city’, ‘electronic communities’, ‘electronic community spaces’, ‘flexicity’, ‘teletopia’, ‘cyberville’, covering a wide range of electronic and digital applications related to digital spaces of communities and cities (MIMOS). 2. Another meaning was given by the World Foundation for Smart Communities, which links digital cities with smart growth, a development based on information and commnication technologies. ‘A Smart Community is a community that has made a conscious effort to use information technology to transform life and work within its region in significant and fundamental, rather than incremental, ways’ (California Institute for Smart Communities, 2001). [2] 3. ICs are defined as intelligent environments with embedded information and communication technologies creating interactive spaces that bring computation into the physical world. From this perspective, intelligent cities (or intelligent spaces more generally) refer to physical environments in which information and communication technologies and sensor systems disappear as they become embedded into physical objects and the surroundings in which we live, travel, and work (Steventon and Wright, 2006) (…)

(maria-papaloizou, 25_11_2007)
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