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\in-ˈte\ˈle-jəndEtymology:inter(between across) +legend(legenda-legere=to select to gather to read).The term is a comment to the contemporary intelligence (inter+legere).
Function: noun

Intelegend: legends were primitive examples of collective intelligence, bearing in mind that they are based in collective experience. Intelegends arising from the digital i-e-rarchies seem to have the same impact to people. The legend has a double meaning because it means at the same time a myth a story that gathered fame to become a legend and an index in a map. A selective gathering of “legends”( as an index of information your guide usually in the every site could be called a legend… /as the result of ratings the common process described by Steven Johnson that a source of information is rated from its users. The more people chose to check the specific source the more powerful it becomes, thus it starts having the same impact as legends have. Intelegends are all these links that end up being popular because a lot of users voted them among others and in this way they gained power….So the intelligence of the system is rather collective and derives from the popularity of the links.

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