Green Zone
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Etymology: Green and Zone
Function: Noun

1.The term Green Line is often used to refer to the cease fire line that de facto divides a region in two areas.These are areas where flow and production have been interrupted, creating a gap. These areas are symbolized by pauses and absences.
2.It was first established in Cyprus (1964), when Major-General Peter Young was the commander of a "peace force", a predecessor of the present UNFICYP. After stationing his troops in different areas of Nicosia, the general drew a cease-fire line on a map with a green pencil, which was to become known as the "Green Line". The Green Line became impassable following the July 1974 invasion by Turkey.
3. The International Zone (formerly known as the Green Zone) is the heavily guarded diplomatic/government area of closed-off streets in central Baghdad where US occupation authorities live and work.


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