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Etymology : Dubai + Urbanism
Function : noun

1- The rapid state of urban development occurring in the strong economies such of the United Arab Emirates and China, specifically in Dubai where the population has doubled to 1.4 million in 2006[1]. Refers to a process of instant city building that is fragmented and not sustainable, where the accelerated rate of building continually exceeds the vision of master-planning.

“Right now 60,000 apartment units are coming on line this year, and they're 200,000 short of what's needed. I have to get new office space; I can't find any. And yet there are more cranes here than the whole rest of the world put together,”[2].



Associated words + links

1. Dubai Census in 2006
2. Steven Miller, the Dubai-based director for FXFowle, in Metropolis November Newsletter Posted November 21, 2007
3. image sourced from metropolis magazine

(ben howard, 29/11/07)
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