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Pronunciation: \ˌdis-(ˌ)lō-ˈkā-shən, -lə-\
Function: noun
Etymology: - from dis + locate 1652. dis - prefix meaning 1. "lack of, not" locate - "to establish oneself in a place, settle," from L. locatus, pp. of locare "to place," from locus "a place." Sense of "mark the limits of a place" (especially a land grant) is attested from 1739 in Amer.Eng.; this developed to "establish (something) in a place" (1807) and "to find out the place of" (1882, Amer.Eng.).[1]

1 Sense of lack of fixity, locality or meaning in the modern world, due to an excess or ignorance of digital experiences.
2 The act of dislocating : the state of being dislocated: as a: displacement of one or more bones at a joint : luxation b: a discontinuity in the otherwise normal lattice structure of a crystal c: disruption of an established order.[2]

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