Dead Object For Spectacular Contemplation
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ˈded ˈäb-jikt fər ˌkän-təm-ˈplā-shən
Etymology : dead + object + for + contemplation
function : noun

1: An object (or idea, or phenomenon) which is dead in society due to its position of being inactive as 'something no longer practiced by society's members' but only 'thought about' or debated over, to keep its importance.
2: Guy Debord, in Society of Spectacle, refers to CULTURE as oen such idea. Culture today is either elite or popular, its debated over, it is out side the day to day activities of a common man.
3 ex. Culture is beyond the hobbies of a man. It's dead as an object of practice but only alive as a subject for contemplation



1. Society of the Spectacle

(hemant purohit 10.12.07)
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