complicated Vs complex

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Pronunciation: \ˈkäm-plə-ˌkā-təd\ \ˈvər-səs, -səz\ \ˈkäm-ˌpleks\
Etymology: complicated (Latin complicatus, past participle of complicare to fold together, from com- + plicare to fold) + complex (Late Latin complexus totality, from Latin, embrace, from complecti)
Function: adjective

complicated: many different things or parts that are connected.
complex: made of many different things or parts which are connected and are interacting to each other.

1: Cities are no longer considered to be “complicated” rather than “complex”, where a large number of parts interact to each other.[1] [2]

1. “Cities and complexity: understanding cities with cellular automata, agent-based models, and fractals.” Michael Batty (2005)
2. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary

(Vagia Pantou 10.12.2007)
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