Cloud Computing
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\klo̵ud kəm pyo̵̅o̅t′iŋ\
Etymology : to run on the Internet (or "cloud"); computing
Function : noun

1: Web-scale virtual computing environment which enables you to store and edit you files with Web-based software. This makes the digital stuff equally accessible from every place with internet connection and at the same time makes damage to a hard drive less important.

calendar.gif picasa.gif youtube.gif gmail.gif dns.gif[1]

Available Technologies
1: AOL Xdrive lets you back up your valuable files and combine your music and pictures to create customized slide shows to share with friends and family.

2: Google Web-based software:
Calendar organizes events
Picasa stores pictures
YouTube holds videos
Gmail stores e-mails
Google Docs houses documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

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(Krystian Kwieciński 3/12/2007)
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