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Pronunciation: \ˌˈkrä-no-tō-ˌpäs \
Function: noun
Etymology: chronos χρόνος(Greek) time and topos τόπος(Greek), short for koinos topos, literally, common place

Chronotopos is literally translated as “time+space” and it’s a unit of analysis for studying language according to the ratio characteristics of the temporal and spatial categories represented in that language.(…)[1]

From location-based services that were about information and location finders, we have reached today the point where through technologies, these services “will collect and represent traces left by people in space and time”[2] and manipulate them in a way so that they will help us understand better the use of our environment (in private or public space).



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2. MIT’S Senseable City Lab’s, Real time Rome (

maria papaloizou, 25_11_2007
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