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1. Of or relating to a cultural Practice which makes the city porous with its indistinct use of space.

The word is derived from ‘CHORA’ (Original Greek) which in Modern Philosophy signifies at its most literal level notions of ‘Space’, ‘site’, ‘Location’, ‘Region’, ‘Local’. The word ‘Chorus’ refers to the bodies which act as Cultural Devices within the city fabric but does not appear on the city map and therefore making the city more porous.

“The image below shows a small temple inscribed within the compound wall of a corporate park in Mumbai. Hundreds of such sites can be mapped within the city, which are not part of the Development Map (as they either share a wall or part of a street, park or railway station) but work culturally as well as economically.”[1]



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1. Image and Text reference taken from ‘Ontogeny of City Gods’ by Santosh Thorat

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