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Pronunciation: kə-ˈpa-sə-tē,
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English capacite, from Middle French capacité, from Latin capacitat-, capacitas, from capac-, capax

The increasing capability of contemporary mega-cities required to accommodate large and constant demands on resources, as a product of globalization and population growth.

“Mega-cities have been transformed in an endless domain of urbanization. Cities today must continue to serve all demands on space, production, water and energy production, oxygen, ecological compensation, safety and buffers. Many countries need more space that the size of their territories to compensate for their CO2 production. Innovation is required to overcome the split between demands and resources”. [1]

“The Mega-city is where the best and worst of cities come together. Global connectedness and local disconnectedness characterize the regions. The level of slums contrasts the global capital building capabilities. This can be viewed as one of the tensions brought about by the globalization of modern cities.” [2]



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1. MVRDV, 2005 “Exclusions on Capacities”, pp 22-23.
3. Picture by Google earth: Tokyo

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