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\bi-ˈtwēn, bē- tē\
Etymology: betweonum, bi- "by" + tweonum dat. pl. of *tweon "two each" +ity
Function: noun

1: Term first introduced by Horace Walpole's very early in 1760 and it means to evoke the twilight between documentation and dramatisation. Nowadays this term could be useful to describe many processes that are in the limits of documentation and still out of it they are “in between”. They could be space betweenities, situations that likely to become specific but they are not yet, or even body betweenities the way the body as a general system expands or accepts estrangement(chips tech. devices inserted to our body or extensions of our body to make it reachable in terms of physical distances. In these sense betweenities are extra-intra dermal situations. Betweenities exist in nature as a rupture of two different phase, a process of transformation from one stage to another.

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