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ap- (p)- t -sis,
Etymology :
Function: noun.

1: The word ‘Apoptosis’ which in medical terms talks about the Programmed death of the cells or tissues, can be used to explain the intentional death or decay of urban fabric in contemporary cities. This word, (like Morphogenesis or Necropolis) has its Etymology in the biological field. Morphogenesis means the formation and differentiation of cells while Necrosis refers to accidental death of cells or tissues. Both of these words fit the architectural dictionary.

2: Related to the Programmed Death of an Urban Cell Fabric.

1. The Cotton mills of Mumbai which used to occupy around 600 acres of land in the centre of the city had been politically Apoptosized for vested interest. The images shows their conditions before opening them for the adhoc development which is seen in the picture below.
2. Image by Advait Potnis.

(advait potnis, 08/12/07)
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